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Day by day huge number of accessories for mac and iPhone have been launched which has increased the functionality of its products in comparison to its competitor brands due to which the demand of this brand is increasing across the world. Most importantly it is liked and used by all age group people, so it must have such features which could be adapted by them easily. In some situations, the users have to face some issues due to which they are unable to access the Apple products properly. You should not panic instead you should contact Apple customer care team who has solution for all the issues. They will first of all find the cause of the problem then they will take appropriate steps to resolve those issues.


Apple Customer Care


  • The problem in Bluetooth: There are various problems that may arise while using the Bluetooth accessory. One major problem is that your Bluetooth devices are not showing off and you are continuously receiving message “Bluetooth not available”.  When you come across this problem you will have to immediately contact Apple customer service
  • There may be trouble in playing videos: When you find that you are having trouble in watching videos from iPhone or iPad, then it is really troublesome for you and you will want that someone instantly solve your problem and that you will get when you contact Apple Customer care.
  • When there is problem in charging the devices: This problem of charging may arise both in mac as well as in iPhone. You may notice that the charge is decreasing very fast even after charging it properly for long hours and then you may also get irritated, but it is really a matter to worry. If you to overcome this issue as early as possible then it is wise to call in Apple technical support number and avail our services.
  • When it is found that iTunes is not working: Generally, when it is found that iTunes has stopped functioning then there may be varied reasons for that and only a technical team could handle it easily. But sometimes it is may be just iTunes update problem and could be resolved only by updating it.

These are only few common problems there may be more issues. But each problem comes with some do it yourself solutions. We are discussing below some of those issues one by one so that you can contact to Apple helpline number. If you want, you can avail services of Apple customer care team who would help you.


  • In case of Bluetooth problem, you have to try to turn off mac after turning off your Bluetooth devices and again restart it.
  • You have to also ensure that you have not placed the other device too far otherwise the problem will not be resolved. If needed you can take help of experts by calling in Apple toll free number.
  • The problem in playing videos could be solved by restarting your device, you can also try to do factory reset and restore your device again.
  • You have to ensure that you update iTunes time to time and if you need any help avail it from Apple customer care

So generally contact to Apple customer support and get full support instantly by our expert technicians.