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iTunes is that Apple app which people love to use as it is repository for music and video collections. By using it many people can sync media and app to their iOS devices. It could be used for playing, downloading and organizing digital downloads of music and video on the computers that has mac operating system or Microsoft windows operating system. But suddenly if it is found that iTunes not working then you should take appropriate steps for finding the cause that is preventing it from not working properly and then solving those reasons.

iTunes Not Working


Various problems and solutions:

  • Problem of not getting connected to iTunes store: When you try to connect to iTunes store on iPhone or iPad if you simply receive an error message ‘cannot connect to iTunes store’ then you are left with the option to take help of Apple customer care team for solving this problem.
  • Problem in changing the location: Sometimes you may have problem in changing the location of the iTunes store though you can also change it by clicking on the change country or region icon. But if you want you can take support of Apple customer service company for doing it.
  • Problem of error 50: You may have to come across this error code when you try to download something from the iTunes store. There are various reasons that responsible for the situation of iTunes not working like the network problems, firewall settings, antivirus protection etc.

These are the most common problems that you may come across. Below we are discussing few solutions that could be useful. These solutions are related to the condition when you find that iTunes not working, and you have to backup it. These steps are related to it:

  • After you restart the computer, if you find that still you still have the same problem then first thing that you should do is check the connection between the computer and the device.
  • You should check whether the USB cables are working correctly. If needed you can also change the cables. Even after that if problem does not get resolved then dial Apple helpline number for help.
  • Another way to solve this problem is that you delete some of the corrupt backups. In this process if you need any help then call in Apple toll free number.
  • You have to go to the iTunes from there to preferences and then to devices for doing the backup. Here you have to select the backup file that you find corrupt.
  • Once you delete the correct files you can it you can back up the files. If not, then take support from Apple technical support
  • Updating the iTunes is one vital step that would resolve your problem. In case you have iTunes update problem then immediately consult us for help.
  • You should check for the latest versions that may be available if you find any such then you immediately update it otherwise you will be in a situation of iTunes not working properly. So contact to Apple customer support number and our technicians will fixed your issues instantly.